Cover Letter

This class had a very unique set of readings, which I felt ambivalent towards. Certain texts such as the Collected Stories, Atomik Aztex, and Omaha Bigelow really stood out to me in a fresh new way. As for The People of Paper and Cobra, I found them too slow and not very interesting. Putting the texts aside, the class as a whole was conducted well. However, I would put less emphasis on the blogging aspect of the course and increase attention towards classroom activities. Whether it’s a group presentation or a class exercise, try to involve the class in ways that force them to genuinely invest in the readings. Blogs and classroom discussion are not enough to supplement the readings creatively. Try coming up with short and interesting assignments that serve the same purpose as the blogs. This will substitute tedious last-minute posts, which feel forced rather than sincere. Furthermore, the Jahn terms and pie paragraphs have proven quite beneficial towards expanding my literary knowledge and writing. Having applied these techniques successfully in other classes, I will be sure to do so in future writing assignments as well.

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