Post 38

Rehana, I couldn’t agree more with your video about the “F” bomb. Not only is this video relevant, it is downright hilarious. After watching it I couldn’t help but think how often and how much we implement this word into our daily discourse with one another. Sadly, there are only a few people who refrain from using it in every sentence they use rather than when it is actually appropriate. Ultimately, it loses meaning when thrown around so lightly. This is particularly seen when Omaha and Maruquita drop this word approximately 3 times a page. Do you remember when this word had some sense of credibility when people only said it when they were furious? Maybe it wasn’t like that but at least it seemed that way when we were kids. Anyway, great incorporation into the book. It really is over the top in Omaha but hell, that’s reality, right?

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