Post 33

Maruquita’s relationship with Omaha seems forced in my opinion. She basically pushed herself onto him without him even choosing to make her his girlfriend. Despite her bold approach to making him the one, he seems to go along with it by taking her to restaurants and dancing. Even though she pays for his food and gives him the change, she still seems to enjoy his company. However, she also gets easily angered by his drugged up friend, the way he dances, and the fact that he doesn’t have a job. She has a stereotypical impression of a white boy who works and provides so she forces him back into his job a Kinko’s and threatens to turn him into a pigeon if he doesn’t. Ironically, Omaha is nothing like this. He’s a lazy, degenerate bass player living off the land aka people’s charity. He seems like he’s stuck in this relationship when he realizes if he tries to escape to NJ he’ll be in even more trouble with her. Omaha is trapped.

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