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The whole ekonomy was built upon the backs of our people, so-called illegals. (Foster 75)

So many questions arise in Sesshu Foster’s Atomik Aztex. There are two realities taking place and I’m not sure which is the real one. Also, 3Turkey, Ray, Nakatl, Pirate, and Weasel. What is up with these names? In response to Wilfred’s question regarding Zenzontli’s business in a country that he despises, I feel that he was forced into this culture by default. Like the few Native Americans that survived the genocide and roam the streets in search for work, Zenzontli is left to fend for himself in a meat factory to support his family. He is the last of his kind and a victim of the “illegal” social hierarchy. He serves as the backbone of the economy, yet “legals” look down upon him and his posse.

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  1. Anthony, I have you down for 10 points this round. It’s true, I am Stand and Deliver. “How can I reach these kids?”

    Remember to think about topics for your final essay, and also to begin looking for a critical article concerning the larger “Latino” or Latin American” aspect of literature in the World Canon. Make sure it’s an article and not a review as well.

    10 out of 10 points.

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