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Karate bows of deep thanks to you, my colleagues, students and family. (Foster, Acknowledgements)

Sesshu Foster seems like quite the accomplished author. He has received several awards for his poetry and novels, particularly the “Believer Book Award” for Atomik Aztex. This is great and all, but the unavoidable question rises: a Japanese-American author? For a high school teacher in East L.A. it sounds like his surroundings really took a hold of him while writing this novel, evident through his vulgar writing style. By choosing to teach in the rough side of town, he has implemented the tone of characters brilliantly, all while maintaining the flow of the story. Foster reminds me of the Bolivian actor Edward James Olmos, from an old 80’s movie called Stand and Deliver, where he too teaches a rough high school course in the slums of L.A. There are quite a few similarities to him and this Hispanic Literature course as well:

Notice any similarities? It could be the glasses, haha. (WordPress Easter Egg)

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