Post 28

I am Zenzontli, Keeper of the House of Darkness of the Aztex and I am getting fucked in the head and I think I like it. Okay sometimes I’m not sure. But my so-called visions are better than aspirin and cheaper. (Foster 1)

What a brilliant opening. I was instantly hooked by the vulgar yet realistic tone that people use in contemporary discourse. Upon review of the first few pages, I took note of specific things that I either liked or stood out to me. They go as follows:

The narrator is extremely human.

Horrifically graphic in the slaughter house scene.

An abundance of swearing.

Science Fiction style of writing — a big plus.

Funny in a droll way.

Interesting outlook on life with the circular aspect to time.

Zenzontli is quite an emotional character.

This is certainly fictitious.

There are a lot of “C” replacements for “K”.

This novel is going to be great.

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