Post 24

Saturn remembered those days of sadness, when he trudged two miles through the snow for bread and milk and then returned with frozen feet, soot on his coat and boots, to a house littered with honeybees. (Plascencia 236)

Focalization in Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper is apparent internally and externally. Although Little Merced tells the reader about her internal thoughts, Saturn on the other hand, is strangely focalized externally. The decision to delve into the thoughts of this little girl and view her father through a third-person perspective¬† serves as an interesting literary technique. It gives the reader the best of both worlds by juxtaposing the reader’s understanding of the situation with the actual character’s thoughts. However, I question Plascencia’s reasoning for choosing each character’s focalization the way he did. As interesting as Little Merced’s thoughts are, it would be quite interesting to see what goes on in Saturn’s crazy head.

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