Post 22

But once Federico de la Fe retreated into the lead shell, safely hiding from view and refusing to reemerge until the weight from the air was lifted, Saturn withdrew into his orbit and faded into the blur of the chalky galaxy (Plascencia 30).

Something about Saturn just seems plain off. He urinates himself while his wife is in bed with him and somehow manages to keep her as his wife as long as he does. Merced isn’t exactly a genius herself if she’s ignorant enough to leave her own daughter in the hands of this weirdo. Either she is incompetent or she simply doesn’t care for Little Merced’s well-being. Saturn is definitely not fit to be a parent. Although he may be loving toward Little Merced, he is not all with it. By leaving his daughter alone while he retreats to a mechanical tortoise’s shell, Saturn shows a lack of competency and bravery. He comes off as a coward, always hiding from whoever he thinks is watching him. Maybe they call him Saturn because he comes from outer space.

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