Post 15

“We’re waiting for you, Nabo. You’ve been asleep for almost two years and you refuse to get up” (Gabriel García Márquez 75).

There is a reoccurring trend in Gabriel García Márquez’s’s stories: supernaturalism. At first I felt very hesitant towards his strange writing style because I had never analyzed literature under such a thick lens. As Rehana mentioned twice in class, why would somebody write these types of stories? The answer to that is quite simple, actually: people like them. People like to read and write stories such as these either because they have a taste for the science fiction genre or they have grown tiresome of the same boring literature that has minimal rereading value. Stories from authors such as García Márquez and Guillermo Samperio practically force readers to go through their stories more than once. Eventually, this becomes less of a chore and more of a treat because of the newfound details that arise out of every new reading. Not to mention these pieces are extremely ambiguous. The possibilities are endless in literature, especially when things aren’t plain and ordinary. So whether it’s meeting through a dream, existing in limbo, or turning into a cockroach, a little supernaturalism can go a long way.

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