Post 14

“Eyes of a Blue Dog” contains one narrator who we as readers are expected to question the legitimacy of throughout the story.

“narrative distance The temporal and psychological distance between the narrating I and the experiencing I. Usually, the narrating I is older and wiser than the experiencing I” (Jahn N3.3.2).

As Manfred Jahn mentioned in his description, the speaker is older than he was in the story because he is narrating in the past tense. For all we know, he can be stretching the truth or even fabricating the entire story. There is never any mention of the man’s background, which leads me to believe that he was a poor lonely soul before he invented this woman to the point of exploiting her insanity to the whole world by advertising “eyes of a blue dog” in lipstick on the drugstore’s tile floor. The madness of this idea being the author’s intention may be a stretch, however I do believe García Márquez encouraged his readers to open their minds to any possibility they could fathom.

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