Post 13

“Little by little we’d been coming to understand that our friendship was subordinated to things, to the simplest of happenings. Our meetings always ended that way, with the fall of a spoon early in the morning.” (García Márquez 55)

This particular passage caught my interest because I can’t even begin to touch upon how many times I have been woken up from a good dream because of something as simple as a “spoon falling” or the wind blowing. It’s as if the dream is wisped away by some supernatural force that is telling us to go out and (not to sound corny) reach for our dreams. Basically what happens to the woman in “Eyes of a Blue Dog” is the same exact thing. Although she may come off as insane, she genuinely believes that her dreams have a connection to reality. Unfortunately for the man, he forgets everything the second he wakes up. What a pity.

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