Post 12

“literary space The environment which situates objects and characters; more specifically, the environment in which characters move or live in” (Jahn N6.2).

The importance of creating an enthralling atmosphere for an author’s characters to live in is mammoth. Gabriel García Márquez’s uses dream states to convey most of his character’s situations. Although Nabo isn’t physically in a dream state, his mind and soul are. Along with Nabo, the man and woman from “Eyes of a Blue Dog” are mostly communicating through their dreams. García Márquez enjoys writing about the surreal aspects of life and taps into the reader’s mind by doing so. In a way, he transcends the literary space of the page and turns the reader’s imagination into his own literary space. He makes our heads his own territory for telling the story, as do all authors. García Márquez just happens to excel at it more than others.

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