A Faithful Squire

Sancho Panza seems to be coming along for the ride when taking part in Don Quixote’s crazy adventures. He is down to earth and doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind when Don Quixote’s actions seem unfit.

“‘As for me, I can tell you I’m going to moan like anything about the slightest little pain, unless that stuff about not complaining goes for knight errants’ squires as well’” (Cervantes 65).

Although Sancho is recruited to serve as Don Quixote’s squire, he is usually found offering sound advice to his master, despite Don Quixote’s lack of interest. Don Quixote’s vanity overrides any rationality Sancho has to offer him because he is so self-absorbed with his knightly role that he overlooks the wise information his squire has to offer. Instead of giving Sancho some well deserved credibility, he looks down upon Sancho by laughing at his “simple-mindedness.” Sancho is faithful to Don Quixote’s cause and has proven to be quite an asset throughout his journeys.

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