Don Quixote is Sane

Don Quixote is such a lovable character because he has not lost his inner child. While some may argue that he is mentally unstable, I would counter by regarding his wild imagination as an asset rather than a liability.

“Finding, then, that he couldn’t move, it occurred to him to resort to his usual remedy, which was to think about some passage from his books; and his madness brought to his memory the episode from the story of Baldwin and the Marquis of Mantua in which Carloto leaves Baldwin wounded in the forest…” (Cervantes 48).

Dressing up as a knight and acting upon these knightly duties appears to be completely genuine to Don Quixote. It is something that he truly believes in, not because he is crazy, but because he is more down to earth than anyone else in the novel. His good intentions are a product of everything that we are taught to absorb in our childhood, which is why I’m confused as to why his niece and especially the priest fear for his wellbeing. If anything, they are the ones who have forgotten their roots, living their dull lives without the adventure that they were all raised up with. The decision to burn Don Quixote’s books seems counterproductive, in my opinion.

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